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A Leading Bail Bonds Agency in the State of Texas.

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Resolve Arrest Warrants

Do you have a warrant out for your arrest? Don’t live in fear of getting arrested during a routine traffic stop or other run-in with the police. Delta Bail Bonds can help! Just give us a call and we will save you or a loved one from the embarrassment of arrest and the hassle of missing work. We’ve helped clients resolve their warrants for over 30 years, and we will help you, too.

Arrest Warrant Resolution in Dallas

Having a warrant out for your arrest is extremely stressful because you feel like you must always avoid police scrutiny. It’s like living on the run, and it’s completely unnecessary. Unfortunately, warrants aren’t something you can ignore until they go away. They will continue to haunt you until you pay them off.

When you have an arrest warrant in Dallas County or any nearby area, you have two options for resolution:

  • Turn yourself into the county jail and pay the full bail amount to be released.
  • Turn yourself into the county jail and use Delta Bail Bonds to post your bail.

Call us before you come to see us and we will have all the necessary forms prepared for you to fill out, saving you time and expediting the process. It’s never fun to turn yourself in to the law, but it’s much better than being taken in because an officer ran your driver’s license and discovered the outstanding warrant. Take solace in the fact that you’re doing the right thing and that you’ll soon be free and clear of your legal issues.

When you post a bail bond, you only need to put up 10% of your bail amount to secure your release. After that, you’ll simply be required to attend all your court hearings until your case is resolved, and you won’t have any further financial commitments. Most defendants require bail bond services to get them out of jail, and Delta Bail Bonds is ready to bail you out anywhere, any time. 

The Most Trusted Bail Bondsman in Dallas

Don’t put yourself through the stress of living with an arrest warrant hanging over you. Call Delta Bail Bonds today and put our friendly agents to work for you! We’ve seen all kinds of legal situations in our 30 years of service, so we never judge you or deny you service, regardless of the charges you’re facing. Let us help you get free and stay free!

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