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A Leading Bail Bonds Agency in the State of Texas.

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Garland Texas Bail Bonds

In Garland Texas there are many times, when the average citizen, with no criminal background, can get into trouble with the Garland police for minor offenses. In order to avoid spending any amount of time in Garland Detention Center, Delta Bail Bonds, a family-owned, Texas Based business, with over 24 years in business, is the best solution for you or a loved one.

No one “wants” to have a run-in with the Garland Texas Police Department and end up in Jail. Getting convicted with a criminal charge, even a relatively minor one, can easily become a nightmarish experience for anyone. While getting bail for a minor offense may not seem like a “big deal”, actually going through the process of bail and jail release is quite tedious and also it does not mean, that he or she will go scot-free.

In order to go through this process, and get a proper bail bond issued in Garland, it is essential to hire a Bail Bonds company with a good reputation and track record not only in Garland but also experienced in working with Dallas and Collin Counties, as the city limits of Garland extent into both areas. So depending on where the offense took place, there could be different laws and rules at play here.. You need a company that has experience in all of these locations. You certainly have a choice of Bail Bond Companies in Garland, however, it is also imperative to ensure that any bail bond company you choose, offers around the clock services, and is available to get working on your situation at a moment’s notice. As most people know, “things happen” and when they do, you need someone there right now.. not tomorrow, or even an hour from now. Delta Bail is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.. we are always here, ready to go to work for our clients!

The Garland Detention Center’s process of bail is quite complicated, hence, only experienced people and a company like Delta Bail Bonds can handle the intricacies of the process, swiftly and efficiently. As soon as a person steps into the Garland Police Station, they are first booked with a charge. Secondly, they are photographed and fingerprinted. The police also check their past records, to see if the person has outstanding warrants. The date when the person has to appear in the court is set, as well as the bail amount if the offense is indeed eligible for bail.

In order to properly hire Delta Bail Bonds and assist you or a loved one for prompt Garland Detention Center (Jail) release, the person has to follow certain steps:

  1. Either a friend or a family member of the defendant or the defendant himself needs to contact Delta Bail Bonds at 214-526-4272 in order to apply for bail, explain the situation and wait for the bail bond application results.
  2. When the approval of the bail bond application comes through, the specified fees need to be paid by the defendant to the Delta Bail Bonds. Various paperwork will need to be signed and put in order.  In some cases, bail collateral will be required to ensure the defendant’s appearance in court on the appointed day.
  3. Bail Bond is then posted by Delta Bail Bonds at the Garland Detention Center (Jail), which is necessary for the defendant to be released from jail in exchange for making an appearance in the court.  In the event that the defendant does not turn up at the court at the predetermined date and time, the full amount will have to be paid by Delta Bail Bonds, in some cases, the defendant may lose their collateral and may be put back in jail.
  4. The advantage that Delta Bail Bonds provides for it’s clients, is for fast release from the Garland Detention Center (Jail), allowing the defendant to get back to work and resume their normal life and conferring with legal experts/lawyers and getting this issue behind them, as quickly as possible.

If you, or a friend or family member has been arrested in Garland Texas, we can help you with a Garland Bail Bond.

At Delta Bail Bonds we have 24 years of experience in the bail industry and understand the Dallas County and Collin County jail system and are experts in dealing with all types of Bail Bonds.

For the Fastest Jail Release in Garland

At Delta Bail Bonds, we can arrange fast, professional and confidential Garland Bail Bonds processing to ensure your loved one or friend is released as quickly as possible. Call Us at 214-526-4272, We have the expertise to handle any felony, misdemeanor or traffic-related Bail Bonds with quick approvals and no hidden fee as well as easy payment terms.

While the process of having a friend or family member being arrested is stressful, it is important that you educate yourself with these bail bonds consumer tips and learn how the Garland bail bonds process works! At Delta, we have agents staffed to answer any questions you may have, 24 hours a day and we are happy to provide information on what you can expect through the jail, courthouse and bail bonds process.

Call Us Now at 214-526-4272 – We can start the bail bond process right over the phone! Click here for directions to our office.

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